Rose Quartz Double Terminated Points | love & balance (set of 4)

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heart healing ⋆ love ⋆ cultivating self-love ⋆ confidence ⋆ Nurturing ⋆ compassion ⋆ fertility ⋆ romance⋆ empathy ⋆ emotional support ⋆ forgiveness ⋆ healing inner-child

These double terminated points hand carved polished points are perfect for crystal grids

LOVE - the greatest thing on earth. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and magnifier of the heart space. It radiates  all the frequencies of love and is one of the most effective stones for enhancing love, romance and promoting self-love.
Rose Quartz has been considered throughout the centuries for being the most potent stone for attracting love into one''s life.

BEGINNER'S CRYSTAL - Rose Quartz has an easy-to-work-with, gentle and nurturing vibration that we can easily tap into - its vibrations match our own levels. This makes rose quartz a perfect stone for those who are new to crystals or who are embarking on a journey of heart-healing, self-love and love.

ATTRACTING LOVE If you're hoping to attract love into your live or srtengthen the bond in curren friendships or relationships the first step is to activate your own heart center. Balance your love energies, clear negative thoughts or any old emotional wounds you carry so that you are open and ready to attract the right kind of love and relationships into your love life. After all, how can we find love if we don't love ourselves first? Fill up your cup with Rose Quartz's beautiful and nurturing love energies - then go out and give your love.

FERTILITY - Rose Quartz has long been a stone associated with divine feminine energy. The Ancient Egyptians hailed Rose Quartz for female fertility, youth, romance and beauty and it has even been found in tombs as prized items - suggesting just how desirable this stone was. Rose Quartz is a good companion before or after delivery or following operation or trauma to the womb space.

SOOTHING OLD WOUNDS Rose Quartz soothes anger and clears out jealousy or resentment that is usually held at our heartspace. These are negative energies Rose Quartz just doesn't have the time and space for. Use Rose Quartz to support forgiveness and let go of resentment, jealousy or regret. This is a stone of compassion and acceptance asking you to be more compassionate and accepting of others and most importantly of yourself. Hold a piece of Rose Quartz to the heart and allows old wounds to heal and new love to flourish.

OPENING THE HEART SPACE - to all kinds of love. To being more compassionate. To living with more gratitude. To empathy, understanding, grace and kindness. This is a stone that invites you to give and receive the greatest thing on earth. Love. Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra and helps release any blockages stored at the heart space. Whether that be old wounds, resentment, jealousy, emotional sadness Rose quartz will support you in overcoming these.

 Associated Chakra: 

  • Heart

How to use it:

  • Place in the bedroom to bring harmony & promote love/romance
  • Meditate with rose quartz holding close to the heart chakra
  • Add rose quartz to your bath to upgrade your soak with nurturing vibrations

How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight ☼
  • Moonlight ☽
  • Sea water or salt water
  • Earth or soil
  • Sacred smoke (such as palo santo sage)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Chosen intuitively. Pictures are for reference only. Each angel will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring. Sizes are approximate.