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Pearly Rose Quartz Aura Spheres | love & harmony

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⋆ Heart Healing ⋆ Love ⋆ Self-Love ⋆ Confidence ⋆ Nurturing ⋆ Compassion ⋆ Romance ⋆ Emotional Understanding 

A stone of unconditional love and magnifier of the heart Rose Quartz is one of the most effective stones in enhancing love, romance and promoting self love in oneself. Its heart healing energy calms and soothes emotions opening the heart to giving and receiving love. 

  • Raises self-esteem & increases confidence especially in relationships
  • Opens the heart to giving & receiving love
  • Dissolves past emotional wounds & feelings of resentment
  • Promotes compassion, tenderness and gently loving energy
  • Amplifies creativity & imagination
  • Encourages stronger feelings of self-worth and self-confidence especially in love and relationships

This Rose Quartz has been enhanced with an called Aura coating. An Aura coating is a thin layer of silver, gold, platinum or titanium particles bonded to the crystal to give it an iridescent metallic sheen and enhance the crystals natural beauty. The crystal underneath is natural Rose Quartz.

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Approx size. 2 - 3 cm diameter

Note: Intuitively chosen. Price listed is for one (1) piece. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring. There may be tiny scratches or dents due to the aura coating. This does not effect the healing properties of the crystal.

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