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Rhodonite RectangleTumbles | emotional confidence & inner power

  • HKD$ 20

⋆  Inner Power ⋆ Compassion ⋆ Forgiveness ⋆ Releases Fear ⋆ Promotes Acceptance ⋆ Unconditional ⋆ Love ⋆ Self-Love ⋆ Gratefulness ⋆ Elegance ⋆ Delicacy ⋆ Heart Chakra

RESCUE: Filled with loving energy and comforting vibrations. Rhodoniteis a great stone for those who may be experiencing emotional heartache.

INNER POWER: Empowers you to face past issues and move forward with strength and stability .It raises self confidence and brings by instilliong optimism and trust in your own strengths and abilities

SELF-LOVE: This stones heart chakra activating energies promotes love and self-love whilst raising self-esteem and confidence. It encourages forigveness and acceptance for oneself and for others.

RELEASING FEAR & PANIC: Dispels panic and fear related anxieties. Its nurturing vibrations encourage you to release fears that hold you back. Calms the emotional body and eases tensions or anger. It is especially helpful to calm fiery temperaments.

GUILT FREE: Lifts guilt and feelings of shame asking you to forgive accept any wrongdoings you might believe you have done and to learn from them.

MOVING ON: Lifts resentment and is ideal for moving on from past hurts and integrating the lessons you've learned.

"Every man and woman is the architect of their own healing and destiny"

- Buddha





How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight
  • Moonlight
  • Sacred smoke

Approx. size: 2-3 cm

Country of Origin: China

Note: Price listed is for one (1) tumble stone. Chosen intuitively.* Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

*Chosen intuitively: They say the crystal chooses you. Trust in the universe to bring the right crystal to you.

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