Purple Charoite Ring | release & inspiration

  • HKD$ 130
  • HKD$ 190

⋆ Letting go of fear ⋆ Release old habits ⋆ Inspiration ⋆ Power ⋆ Focus ⋆ Higher Self ⋆ Spiritual Work

Charoite is a powerful stone that calls us to let go of our fears and anything that does not serve our souls path. It supports you to release old habits, negative conditioning that could be holding you back from growing and reaching your highest self.

Charoite deepens meditation, heighten intuition and encourages one to be of service to others making it a great stone for spiritual workers and healers.

It aids focus and improves attention span, stimulates greater perception, observation and inner vision.

Associated Chakras:

  • Crown

Material: Silver plated brass & Charoite cabochon

Care Instructions:

Avoid contact with water. Pure water does not damage 925 sterling silver but most water we come into contact with is not purified. Store in an air tight bag/pouch to keep it from humidity and prolong its shine). Silver is delicate so polish with a soft microfiber cloth.