Peruvian Gold Pyrite Nuggets | wealth & personal power

  • HKD$ 220

 ~ attracts abundance ~ wealth ~ money ~ prosperity ~ manifesting ~ grounding ~ personal power ~ invigorating ~ willpower ~ stimulates intellect ~ enhances memory ~ practicality ~ stability ~ career ~ optimism ~ masculine energy  ~ self-belief ~

ABUNDANCE - gold pyrite, often referred to as fool's gold has long been associated with wealth, money and abundance. A stone of opportunity, practicality and productivity - energies which are helpful allies when manifesting wealth and abundance in one's life. Pyrite is positively charged with the rich vibrations of feeling and being enough, content, full, abundant, never lackingWhen we want abundance in our life its helpful to start feeling and living with gratitude.Be grateful for that business deal. Be grateful for the sun that came out today. Be grateful for your child, home, pets, partner and all of your blessings.
Being grateful for what we have rather than focusing on what we lack is an effective tool for manifesting. When we practice gratitude for the things we seek we are energetically calling in our desires, attracting what we want and telling the universe/God/Higher realms to bring them into our lives. This is what is known as The Law of Attraction and its pretty powerful (but don't forget to do the hard work and hustle too!)

"Giving thanks for abundance is sweeter than the abundance itself"

- Rumi


PROTECTION - a highly protective stone that dispels negativity and shields against electromagnetic pollution (from TV's, cellphones, WiFi routers, computers and all kinds of electrical devices which emit harmful frequencies). 
A NO DRAMA STONE Pyrite protects the aura and energetic field, dispelling negativity & inviting positivity. This stone helps one see beyond what meets the eye expanding perception and enabling a better understanding of things. In other words, it helps you see through the bullshit. It's a great ally for you if you have trouble understanding people's messages, words or actions or if you just want to shield yourself from toxicity, bad vibes and drama. Because who has time for drama anyway?
GO-GETTER ENERGY- Pyrite is that stone that will give you a kick in the but to get going. Infused with energies of stability, practicality and responsibility pyrite is a great ally when you want to get shit done. It enhances willpower, determination and stimulates memory making it a great motivation buddy when you want to kick start a new project or when studying.
CLEARING BLOCKS - Pyrite helps you see and find appreciation for the things you do have - thus putting you into an abundance mindset. When we focus on the lack of or missing things in our life we create and abundance block. These blocks pull us backward. Pyrite radiates optimism, appreciation and puts us into an abundant mindset. It reassures us that we do have enough and asks us to appreciation what we do have. That's when our energy is clean and pure to then manifest wealth. If you feel like you're ready to remove that block and step into a more abundant mentality Pyrite will support you.

Associated chakras:

  • Solar Plexus
  • Sacral

How to use it:

    • Carry with you when you feel under psychic attack (ill wishes, gossip or negativity being directed to you) or when you want to avoid drama in the workplace or in social groups.
    • Use together with Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine or Citrine to manifest wealth 7 abundance
    • Place on an alter with money underneath to manifest money and wealth

    How to cleanse it:

    • Sacred smoke

    Care instructions: Avoid humidity as this crystal may rust. Avoid Water.

    Country of Origin: Peru

    Note: Some of the best quality pyrite in the world comes from Peru and is becoming increasingly rare. These have been ethically sourced directly from our friends in Peru.

    Price listed is for one (1) pyrite nugget. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape and size. Flaking may occur. Avoid humidity