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[Rare] Peruvian Chrysocolla Sphere | truth & empowerment

  • HKD$ 650

~ speaking your truth ~ speaking from your heart ~ self-expression ~ empowerment ~ teaching  ~ peace ~ inner wisdom ~ intuition ~ patience ~ acceptance ~ honesty ~ intimacy ~ communication ~ feminine energies

COMMUNICATION & SELF-EXPRESSION - giving you the confidence to express yourself truthfully, authentically and from the heart. It helps one verbalise thoughts and emotions clearly. A greats stone to work with if you struggle to express yourself or want to build up social confidence.

INNER WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE Chryscolla is known as the "teaching stone" as it helps you tap into your intuition and your own wisdom. It supports you in realising and acknowledging your own truths. It asks you to get honest with yourself. It helps you find and access the truth that lives inside your soul This is a great stone for introspection & self-reflection.

TOLERANCE & PATIENCE - This serene stones energy teaches us to think before we speak and to release any judgment we have of yourself and others.  It neutralises anger and replaces with compassion, patience and gentleness

HEART & VOICE UNISON - aligning your thoughts and emotions with your voice so that you can express yourself truthfully from the heart. It encourages you to known and see your truth, so that you can be authentic to yourself and when communicating with others. Do you every find yourself not being able to clearly communicate how you feel? Or you think one thing but say another? As a heart & throat chakra stone Chryscolla will work with these energetic centers to bring your heart and voice into balance and cohesion.

Chrysocolla Properties:

        Associated Chakras:

        • Throat
        • Heart


        • Taurus
        • Gemini
        • Virgo

        Approx size: 5 cm diameter

        Country of Origin: Peru

        Stone may vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

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