Ocean Jasper Heart

  • HKD$ 170
  • HKD$ 210

⋆ Positivity ⋆ Joy ⋆ Awareness ⋆ Elevates spirits ⋆ Relieves stress ⋆ Living in the Present ⋆ Introspection ⋆ Resolve ⋆ Moving forward

Ocean Jasper is a soothing stone that reminds us to be present and live in the "now". It's nurturing energy helps heal past emotional wounds and calls us to move forward with peace of mind, optimism and a more positive outlook. Known to balance emotions and instills inner calm by releasing feelings of stress, worry and other negative feelings this stone vibrates with peaceful vibes and reminds us to see the joy around us and in life. Ocean Japers uplifting energy encourages positive actions and feelings and raises ones awareness to what negative aspects of oneself that need to be acknowledged and improved making it a good stone for introspection and deep healing.

Associated Chakras

  •     Solar Plexus
  •     Heart
  •     Throat

Tip: Spend some time to connect with this stone and use for a long period of time as this stones healing effects increase with time.

Country of Origin: Madagascar