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[Rare] K2 Raindrop Azurite Towers | mountain energy & higher wisdom

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⋆ Higher self ⋆ Awareness ⋆ Empathy ⋆ Harmony ⋆ Past Life Dream Recall ⋆ Insight ⋆ Clarity ⋆ Higher Dimensions ⋆ Astral Projection ⋆ Mountain energies 

K2, also known as “Raindrop Azurite” OR "Azurite in Granite" is a unique stone found only in the peaks of the second-highest mountain on Earth, K-2. The K-2 mountain is located on the China-Pakistan border.

K2 is an extremely rare stone due to the difficulty to mine it from the snowy mountains and high altitude. K2 energy is all about supporting one to access higher knowledge or angelic message. It high vibrations works to raise ones self awareness and deepens the connection to the universe or source.  K2 activates the third eye chakra and is known to help stimulate psychic abilities such as astral travel, telepathy or connection to spirit guides. It is a great stone to use during intuitive work as it opens the Crown chakra to allow channeling of energy and messages to be received from Higher Realms.

K2 possess the grounding energy of Granite and the heavenly energy of Azurite.

Associated chakras:

  • Crown
  • Third eye

How to use it:

  • Place on your third eye chakra during meditation to deepen your connection
  • Use with oracle or tarot cards to help receive messages from the Universe/ Source

Country of Origin: K2 Mountain, Pakistan & China border.

Approx. size: 12 - 13 cm

Chosen intuitively. 


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