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Jasper Conglomerate Palms | strength & divine wisdom

  • HKD$ 80


strength ~ vitality ~ positivity ~ clear negativity ~ grounding ~ eliminates distractions ~ endurance ~ resilience ~ stamina ~ stabilising ~ root chakra 

Conglomerate jasper is a matrix of Red Jasper, Quartz, sand or silt that cements the rock together. This stone has a grounding and stabilising properties to help you feel rooted to earth. It fuels creativity, passion and increases endurance. 

Red jasper activates the root chakra providing a sense of stability and feeling whole. Its inclusion of Quartz activate the crown chakra bringing divines\ wisdom, inner vision and clarity.

How to cleanse it: 

  • Sacred smoke
  • Sunlight
  • Moonlight
  • Salt water 

Approx. size: 4 cm

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