Dragon Bloodstone Jasper | detoxifying & courage

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 ~ detoxifying ~focus ~ grounding ~ stability ~ courage ~ strength ~ vitality ~  breaking old habits ~ embracing healthy habits

GROUNDING - keeping one centered and grounded especially during tough times.

INSPIRES one to remove themselves from self serving tendencies and to instead be of service to others.

BREAKING OLD HABITS - calls one to release bad habits or unserving behaviours to make room for healthier ones 

DETOXIFYING - said to help support the health of the heart, liver, kidney and immune system

REMOVE BLOCKAGES ~ bloodstone is considered to help remove blockages from the aura and energetic body. When carried with you or worn as jewellery this revitalising stone ca balance the flow of energy in one's physical body. It provides a sense of renewal and revitalisation when you feel low on energy infusing one with vitality.

Associated Chakras:

  • Heart

How to cleanse it:

  • Moonlight
  • Sacred smoke such as sage or palo santo
  • Water