Good Vibes Only | Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite Cleansing Bundle

  • HKD$ 120

Our Good Vibes Only cleansing bundle will keep your space, crystals and own energetic field full of positivity and high vibrations. Just like we cleanse ourselves, our spaces and aura need to be cleansed every so often to remove any stagnant or negative energy that has accumulated. Removing bad energy will also allow the floe of new brighter energy to come in.

Keep your space sacred and the vibes pure. 

This bundle includes:

1 x Lavender & Rose Sage Torch Bundle

Purifying. Detoxing. Cleansing. Clears negativity. Stress relief. Mood booster. Raises vibration.

Cleanses any space, purifies the air and raises positive vibrations. Clears away negativity, anxious thoughts or feelings. Known to relax muscles and ease stress or tension. The smell of sage smoke is said to strengthen ones intuition, memory, focus and lift your mood. Made to order with fresh rose petals and dried lavender. 

Approx. size: 7 cm.

Country of Origin: USA

1 x Selenite Wand

High vibration. Protection. Purifying. Cleansing. Shielding. Purity. Invites pure white light. Refreshes your space.

Amplifies the energy of other crystals. Dispels negative energy and blockages in the emotional body. Creates a shield of white protective light around you and in your space. 

Approx size: 7 cm

Country of Origin: Morocco

1 x Peruvian Palo Santo Stick  

Relaxing. Sacred. Ancient healing. Meditation. Awareness. Antibacterial. Bug Repellent. 

Hints of frankincense, citrus and pine. Palo Santo has been traditionally used to remove bacteria from the air and clear bad energy or spirits that linger in spaces. Palo Santo wood incense brings a calming effect that is known to support the immune and nervous system. Sustainably harvested from Peru and 100% natural.

Approx size. 10 cm 

Country of Origin: Peru

Comes with a canvas bag and 1 x instruction card detailing how to use each item. 

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Sage bundles are hand wrapped with love amnd curated intuitively. Please allow 1-2 days extra processing before shipment.