Christmas Gift Set | angel aura crystal, the blomstre candle, incense, palo santo, sage

  • HKD$ 1,300

Give the gift of GOOD VIBES this Christmas. This limited edition gift set is curated with crystals and beautiful scents to invite positivity, light and good energy. 

This Christmas Gift Set includes: 


Angel Aura Quartz Heart Geode 

~ calming ~ soothing ~ angel energy ~ positive light ~

A sparkly snowflake like crystal to bring in the Christmas vibes. Angel Aura has a soothing & calming energy that is perfect for any crystal lover or home / work space. It's serene like energy spreads positivity and light into it's surroundings and uplift the energy around it. 

Approx. size: 9 x 9 cm. 0.53kg

"Higher Love" Self-love Crystal Kit: 

~love ~ compassion ~ empathy ~ grace ~ universal love ~ acceptance ~ emotional healing ~ growth ~ open heart

Our bestselling crystal kit with five crystals handpicked and curated to help you invite more love into your life. With Peruvian Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Andean pink opal, Green fluorite & Peach Moonstone this combination  combination of healing stones open the heart chakra to call in all the energies of love, compassion, gratitude, kindness and grace. They are all about high vibrational loving energy.

Palo Santo & Selenite: 
~ purifying ~ cleansing negativity ~ uplifting energy ~ sacred ~ ritual ~ calming ~ meditation ~ cleansing your space ~ blessings ~ positivity

Palo Santo wood sticks are powerful cleansing tools that offer a calming, therapeutic, healing energy. When burned, the smoke provides a fragrant and relaxing aroma infused with energy medicine, calming & soothing properties. Meaning "holy wood" in Spanish, Palo Santo is derived from sacred trees in South America.

It is noted for it's rich, aromatic scent and believed to not only cleanse away negative or "stuck energy in your space, but also to bring forth blessings & positivity. 

Use it for cleansing, meditation, rituals or simply inviting moments of calm. 

Sustainably harvest Palo Santo Wood sticks from Peru. 


The Blomstre Organic Soy Candle

The Blomstre candles are hand-poured using natural, non-toxic, organic soy wax with cracking wood wicks - your chance to win the best for the holiday season! Lovingly hand-crafted in Hong Kong and made in small batches with only the finest natural and organic ingredients. 

Choose from the three scents (add a note at checkout)


A sweet coconut-vanilla yet balanced bourbon with festive maple and cinnamon aroma that will fill up your air space with a Christmas energy.


A luxurious & soothing warming scent infused with woodsy and dark berries.  Harmonious and warm. 

GLØGG // Mulled Wine 100ml

A nostalgic festive scent for the Christmas holiday for its warm and delightful blends of orange peels, cranberries, apple cider and woodsy notes of cedarwood. A perfect scent for the cheerful Christmas season!

Burn time: 24-28 hours  

 Nag Champa Frankincense Incense 

~ warming ~ sacred ~ woody ~ relaxation ~ divine ~ concentration ~ spiritual ascension

India's most famous and loved incense. Hand-rolled by artisans using ancient techniques and only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils. 
Frankincense is said to stimulate the mind, help overcome stress, promote spiritual ascension. Known as a "holy oil" Frankincense oil has been used for centuries for its healing and beautifying properties. 
Burn time: Approx. 45 minutes

California White Sage Bundle with Rose

~ detoxifying ~ antiseptic properties ~ clears negativity ~ calming ~ grounding ~ earth ~ connection ~ centering & balance

Hand wrapped with fresh rose petals & organic hemp wick for a natural non toxic burn. Our white sage bundles are sustainably sourced from California.

Sage has been used in ancient times as a sacred herb in rituals, offerings, blessings. It is believed to promote longevity, wisdom and spiritual protection. 

The smoke of sage is used to clear negative energy from your aura or your space. It has antiseptic properties to cleanse the air  of impurities.

 The smell of sage is also known to relax muscles and release stress. 


Note: Pictures are for reference only. Crystals in the Higher Love Crystal Kit are chosen intuitively. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

Chosen intuitively - They say the crystal chooses you. Trust the Universe to send the right crystal your way.