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"Stardust" Angel Aura Cluster

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⋆ Divine Communication ⋆ Peace ⋆ Serenity ⋆ Higher Consciousness ⋆ Angelic Realms ⋆ Aura Cleansing 

Angel Aura Quartz is Quartz that has been given a special coating of platinum gold and silver to create an iridescent glow and enhance it's own magic and shine.

This crystal resonates with all the chakras, especially the crown. It's vibration cleanses the auric and energetic field and promotes inner calm and serenity. Angel Aura Quartz raises consciousness and heightens connectedness to angelic realms - making it a good crystal work with when wanting to connect to the Divine, Universe, Spirit. 

Associated Chakras
  • Crown

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Approx. size 9 x 7 cm

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