Amazonite Flame | truth & independence

  • HKD$ 290

⋆ Encourages Truthfulness  Clarity ⋆ Harmony ⋆ Independence ⋆ Communication ⋆ Hope ⋆ Personal Progress ⋆ Opens perspectives

Amazonite is known as the stone of truth. It harmonises the emotions, soothes past emotional trauma and relieves worry and fear.  Amazonite supports clear and concise communication and the enhances your ability to speak your truth and express your emotions with clarity and conviction. Its energies resonate with both the throat chakra (facilitating honest communication) and the heart chakra (allowing for heart healing and expression of ones true feelings)

A stone to encourage personal progress, growth and help you set boundaries on all levels. It helps you to see different points of view or perspectives. Amazonite is especially useful for those that may have trouble with public speaking or voicing their true feelings.

How to use it: Carry with you if you need help in communication, self-expression or voicing your thoughts and feelings clearly. 

Associated Chakras:

  • Heart
  • Throat

Country of Origin: Brazil

Size: 7 x 4.5 cm