Crystal Healing Services

1 to 1 Crystal Energy Consultation (90 mins) 

The aim of this session is to help you learn about crystals, ways to work with them to support your healing or intentions. It's a chance to set intentions, and discover how to harness their energies to support you. Whether you're looking to find more clarity, cultivate more self-love, build up confidence crystals along with the right rituals and practices can support your journey. My aim is to create a safe and sacred space for you to share, be seen, be witnessed and guide you to meeting and evolving into your Highest Self. As an energy healer, everything shared with me is held sacred and confidential. 

A crystal session may look like: 

  • Aura readings to uncover any energetic blockages in the body and gage your energy levels (chakras and energy centers)
  • Help you set intentions aligned with your purpose & goals while sharing the right rituals, practies and ways you to use crystals to manifest these
  • Sharing ancient and modern crysal practices that have worked for myself and many of my clients
  • Crystal 101's with informative and practical uses for your crystals and how to harness their powers effectively (placement in your home, usages, how to activate, cleanse, charge and program your crystals)
  • Using a mix of mediation, chanting, visualisation, sound therapy, reiki and crystal healing depending on what best resonates
  • Creating a safe and sacred space for you to share, be seen, be witnessed
  • Guiding you to make positive changes, stepping out of comfort zones and evolving
  • As an energy healer, everything shared with me is held sacred and confidential

20% of all session fees are donated to SPCA or HK Breast Cancer annually - two causes very close to my heart.

If this resonates with you and you're ready to begin your crystal healing journey, book a session and feel free to get in touch with Vanessa prior to your booking at

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. If you would like to work with me but for any means the fee is out of reach, please connect with me and I would be happy to offer a sliding scale fee for you.

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What clients are saying

Vanessa is the best healer I have ever met. She is knowledgeable about crystals and dedicated to healing women. I am certain that blessings will come back to her. I am grateful for all the wisdom she has been giving me, like a rainbow in my life. The Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Sets with the flower of life sacred geometry are very powerful and have the power to heal, lift frequency and change life.

Victoria T

Vanessa is a kind soul with an open heart. She is sincere, willing to share and listen, and very knowledgeable and reliable regarding natural healing and crystal recommendations. Her crystals are full of vitality, rawness, and energy. If you happened to see this message, would recommend you to have a soulful conversation and to get one of your precious crystal gem from Vanessa!"

Yun Lee

For some time now, I have been looking into how to bring crystals into my life. Since there are so many options, reading what it can be used for, you can spend a fortune. So, I was searching for someone who can help me get started, and I feel I found it with Vanessa from Crystal Van. I get the impression that she is very passionate about her work and has great knowledge about crystals.

Jana B

Thank u so much for meeting me .. it was such a beautiful session with u to know about crystals and how it can unblock me and surroundings .. would be recommending u many more friends .. wish u all the very best


That was great Vanessa I feel so much better. Had a cry as well so I'm feeling cleansed. It felt really powerful. Thanks again love ❤️


One-to-One Crystal Personal Shopping Consultation

For special clients who are looking to invest over HK $8,000 in mother earths beautiful treasures

Whether you're looking for a special wedding gift, moving to a new home and want to improve the Feng Shui or looking for a statement piece for your office we can find the perfect crystals for you.

We offer a unique buying experience by bringing crystals to you (or over a private virtual shopping video call). We are here to answer any questions, explain the properties, how to use them, and where to place them in your space as well as show you how to care for your crystals. 

Want to source crystals around a specific intention ie Call in abundance and prosperity in your new space. 

Our certified crystal energy healer can guide you to finding the crystals that will work with your  intentions and purpose. 

Minimum spend. HK$8,000. This service is limited to Hong Kong.

Get in touch with Vaness at